Spock Programmer – Setup / Cleanup Inheritance

Craig Atkinson‘s talk at GR8Conf US Intro to Spock and Geb claimed the next about Spock Cleanup / Inheritance. Might have a hierarchy of test classes for DRY common test code Spock runs the base class setup first Then goes down the inheritance chain cleanup is the reverse, starting at test class then going up […]

Geb Programmer – Hidden Content and Mouse over Events

Lets say we have an HTML page with content hidden until we place the mouse over it. It will look like this: And this is the html If I try to fetch the content with Geb, it will fail because it is hidden. Next test fails. We have several alternatives: A. Call a JS method […]

Geb Programmer – User Agent Spoofing

As often happens on the internet there is already a website to answer your question. If you would like to know what’s your user agent just visit whatsmyuseragent.com If you run Geb with PhantomJs your user agent will identify you as running PhantomJs. You may be blocked because of that. Fortunately it is easy to […]

Groovy Programmer : How to split loads between webbots?

Lately, I am coding a lot Webbots. Sometimes you need to split the load between different machines. Actual physical machines. Lets same you you have 7 machines at your disposal. Also, lets assume you know the total size of the elements which you want to process in parallel. For this example lets say 50 items […]

Geb Programmer – How to run Geb with PhantomJS Driver in desktop size

If you are developing your Geb programms with Firefox or Chrome driver, they will probably be running in a traditional desktop resolution. You may be puzzled when your tests fail in PhantomJS driver. Why? After further investigation you will probably realise that the tests are failing because the code you developed will only work when […]