CITA: Sobre la contratación de Amigos

Estos días de vacaciones he acabado un libro buenísimo que tenía pendiente de completar. Growing a Business de Paul Hawken. Escrito en 1988. Es sorprendente como los libros buenos no pierden apenas relevancia con el tiempo. Dentro del mismo he encontrado esta cita sobre la contratación de amigos:

While it’s possible to hire employees’ friends, you have to be careful when hiring your own friends. The hiring of a new person should be the beginning of a relationship: clean, straightforward, and without preconception. The friend might feel he is in a privileged position in the company, and that would be bad. Or he might go overboard in the opposite direction and refrain from constructive criticism, say, because of a fear that it would harm the old friendship. That would be bad, too. The job is a new world for the employee and the less baggage from the past he brings to, the better.

Hiring a friend might help the friendship, or hurt it, or even ruin it. The main question is, How would it help or hurt the business? Don’t let emotional considerations interfere with clear-headed hiring.

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