Grails Programmer : How to debug a Grails 3 App with IntelliJ?

This post explains how to debug a Grails 3 App with IntelliJ as described in the Grails 3 IntelliJ Quickcast by Jeff Scott Brown

Debug a Grails 3 App

Checkout IntelliJ IDEA Debug documentation.

Remote Debugger

Alternatively, you can run your app with –debug-jvm flag and then attach a remote debugger to it.

In order to attach IntelliJ as a remote debugger. First create remote configuration:

Add Remote configuration

Remote Run Configuration

Then you can ./gradlew bootRun –debug-jvm in a external terminal or the terminal inside IntelliJ and then debug the remote configuration and you will be able to debug it inside IntelliJ.

Remote Debugger

3 thoughts on “Grails Programmer : How to debug a Grails 3 App with IntelliJ?

  1. Álvaro

    Hi Sergio, thanks a lot for this posts, very useful to use grails 3 + IntelliJ.

    I’m able to debug on IntelliJ 2016 with Grails 3, but I can’t debug and have hot reload at same time.
    For debugging i’m not using the remote debugger, i’m just using the default debug button from Intellij.

    Did you get how to debug and have hot reloading?!

    So many thanks!

  2. sdelamo Post author

    No idea Alvaro. I normally use debugging only after I have not been able to figure out what it is missbehaving either with log statements or tests.

    1. Álvaro

      Thanks anyway! 🙂 If I disover it, I will comment.
      I’m able to debug + hot reload with IntelliJ Ultimate, but no with the Community.



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